And then it all fell apart one day

And then it all fell apart one day.
Living foundation fractured
And then shattered
Into chunks of random memories.
Astral emotions flung into chaos debris.
As the void exerts it's gravity
The fortunate reach the still-point
All others exist in vain as well you see.

From my current position
I see that I live at this moment.
I dream therefore I am.
Or at least my dreams are,
For all else I do not give a damn.
I sit and wait upon my star
because it seems my dreams are on the lam.
And remain afar.
Even farther away than you.
But as close, as they say, as a heartbeat, too.

You were lost when you found me.
My whereabouts are unknown.
I'm cloud hidden.
You left saying you'd return
But you don't know where I am
My whereabouts are unknown.
I'm cloud hidden.

A thousand miles is nothing
not nearer nor farther
than where we once stood
In that mythical grove
Of ancient trees
And the river running through it
As they say
Originating somewhere
Beyond the desert of all that is human
Where earth touches the sky
But my whereabouts are unknown
I trace letters in the sand
In hopes that the sky will understand.
And in the clouds there will appear
A map from you to me my dear.

I absolve you of your vow my "friend"
To be there with me to the end.
Time is the solution which dissolves all things
Even you
And your new love
And all that which the singer sings
And the world in which he sings it.

I absolve you of your vow my "friend"
To that which new vows brought to an end
Know the tears have all been shed
Evaporated and now instead
Collect in clouds
Over the dried up river bed
of lost love
and mirages of love
And when it rains
My bucket will fill
And when it blows
I brace against the chill.

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