The Grass of Deer Creek

The grass pf Deer Creek was stained with tears
as Bobbie's and Joanie's voices sang clear
"Tears of rage, tears of grief
why must I always be the thief?
Come to me now you know we're so alone
and life is brief".

The grass of Deer Creek was stained with tears
as memories unfolded down through the years.
Dyads form, mutate and dissolve
it's the problem of love I'll never solve.

Eternity's flask
from which the years pour.
Spirit, great Spirit
what are you waiting for?

The blood in my veins
flows in reverse
the flesh on my bones
acknowledges the curse.

I've said my goodbye and I've said my hello
I'm ready to die and I'm ready to go.

Spirit great spirit
I'm pacing the floor
I've only one question
What are you waiting for?