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Friday, February 06, 2004
Was George Bush AWOL?
I remind you that Max Cleland is a decorated Vietnam hero who left both legs and one arm behind on the battlefield. He lost his Senate seat when President Bush went to Georgia and accused him of being unpatriotic because, while he sponsored his own homeland security bill, he dared oppose Bush's version of the same legislation.

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Tuesday, February 03, 2004
a poem
software to write our poetry
that we may never need to
Lilly was on to something
not sure what
solid state intelligence
Burroughs too
language is a virus
from, where else, outerspace
because that is where everything is
and it sure is a comfort
to know where one is
because if one did not know where one is
then where would one be?

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a poem
mingus, medicine and melville
a musical island in my mind
rivers of melody
pools of harmonies
clouds of rhythm
mingus medicine and melville
it is two AM in the moving world.

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Tomorrow night I perform at The Lighthouse Coffee Company in Milan, MI from 8-9pm. Accompanying me will be FiddlerBob. The following week we go into (Good Noise Studio) to record a batch of original material. My old friend Dave will then attempt to lay down some overdubs. The recordings will then be mixed (and graphics created) at World Class Tapes of Ann Arbor. I am racing with the devil, I mean cancer, to see what I can accomplish at this end stage of life. Frankly it is kind of exciting. A couple months ago I didn't think I would ever sing again, and now my voice is back and I am playing as good as ever. "It is better to burn out than to fade away" isn't it?

posted by Craig    9:52 AM  
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