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Thursday, May 30, 2002
Well, as can be seen, I haven't blogged in sometime. It has been a fun and interesting winter of open mics Dreamland Theater in Ypsi, Drowsy Parrot in Saline, the Tap Room in Ypsi, and Boulders in Canton. On the 29th of June I will be playing a 30min gig at Rubber Soul as part of the first Jam for Bread. My gig is immediately after Sari Brown who I recommend to anyone interested in original Ani Difranco inspired, politically aware and spritually conscious folk music by a very talented young performer who I believe has a future in music in front of her.
Between now and then will be a 12 day trip to New Mexico (via train) to look at ruins and generally explore as much geography as possible in a limited amount of time.
Current reading includes: The Man Who Killed the Deer (Frank Waters) and Ecce Homo (Friedrich Nietzsche).
Current listening: Tom Waits (Blood Money and Alice) Randy Newman (everything) Sun Ra (When Angels Speak of Love and Lanquidity).
I have written two new songs: Pillow From the Moon and Angel Race. The lyrics are, or will soon be, posted on my lyrics page.
Other recent momentous things in my life are a new guitar (Martin OMC 15E), a new amp (Carvin 1000D?) and a freshly repaired DAT D7 recorder.

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