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Sunday, June 30, 2002
Last night was the first (hopefully not the last) Jam for Bread. Sari Brown played a very enjoyable set which I believe I got a very decent DAT recording of. My set went over pretty well with no real blunders. We played at Rubber Soul record store. It was well documented with Matt scrutinizing the levels on the D7 and Mikey operating the digital video camera. I played about 40 minutes with some songs having never been played better (by me). It was much fun. I will play 2 gigs in July: a family get-together on the 4rth and the Wyandotte street fair on the 19th.
My Setlist:
    Absolutely Sweet Marie
    Her Majesty
    Honey Pie
    Country Pie
    I'm a Ghost
    Hey Hey, My My
    Every Grain of Sand
    Dear God
    Never Picked Cotton
    Western Land

posted by Craig    1:49 PM  
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