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Sunday, March 30, 2003
I think I understand...
We wage war to preserve the peace
We use weapons of mass destruction to insure they will not be used
We ignore the UN because we will not tolerate the UN being ignored, (unless of course it is in our interest)
We impose democracy at the point of a gun

(and to the Empire for which it stands
one government equal to God
with liberty and justice for some more than others)

posted by Craig    3:00 PM  
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Click Mideast Vacation to hear mp3 of my cover of this fairly obscure Neil Young song from the 80s. As in all my covers I have taken liberties with it and even changed a key word. The meaning of this song has always been somewhat vague to me which is one thing I like about it. I think it resonates more today than it did at the time of it's release.

posted by Craig    10:06 AM  
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